la granja method

"solo yo decido mis retos."
dayani, 10 anys

The La Granja Method©  is a methodology created in “La Granja, Ability Training Center”, which is based on the practice and training of the emotional skills of children and young people, with scientifically proven results in changing the behaviour and attitude of students. We firmly believe that learning related to emotional education can only be internalized when it is linked to the experience and emotions of children. Our Method has been tested since 2005 with over 18,000 children who attend La Granja in Santa Maria de Palautordera each year, aged between 3 and 18, from both public and private schools.

The La Granja Method is used in the Emotional Management program (NF1) of the Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital, as well as in the emotional education program of La Masia del Barça (with athletes and staff) of the Barcelona Football Club. We also use the La Granja Method with students from the University of Barcelona, Blanquerna University and the International University, with schools such as Sek, La Salle, Dominicas or Escuelas Pias, and with companies such as Danone, La Caixa o Infojobs.

The impact of the La Granja Method on emotional camps was carried out by GROP, a research group on Pedagogical Orientation at the University of Barcelona (November 2017), on a sample of 132 children and young people. The quantitative and qualitative study shows significant changes before and after in the 5 dimensions of emotional competences (awareness, regulation, autonomy, life and well-being competence). Likewise, the study evaluates the anxiety of the students, demonstrating a significant decrease in the values of state anxiety and trait anxiety.