school grants

school grant criteria

To carry out one of the objectives of its statutes and prevent any child from missing out on experiencing living with his classmates, the Foundation subsidizes school camps according to the criteria specified below.

The first criterion for all schools to access this grant is that the foundation may subsidize up to a maximum of 4% of the total number of students who will attend camps at La Granja, and 100% of the cost of the camp will be subsidized ( Accommodation + activities).

Students who can apply:

 Student’s whose family income (father and mother) is less than 1.500€ per month (18.000€ / year), demonstrable by a copy of the income statement or the parents’ salary sheets (or unemployment, etc.).

separador la granja


The school will manage all the documentation specified here to qualify for the grants and send it to the foundation:

  • Copy that shows the income of the family unit (income statement, salary sheets, etc.).
  • Copy of the ID of the father, mother (or guardian) and copy of the student’s ID
  • Photograph of the student.
  • Report of the student’s teacher specifying and evaluating aspects such as the student’s wish, effort, perseverance and attitude, making him worthy of this grant.
  • Permission from the father, mother or guardian so the foundation can use the student data internally to demonstrate to the Board of Trustees the subsidies made (same model attached to the link above).

Once the reservation of the school camp has been made, the school may request the student subsidy via telephone or email. It is recommended to start this procedure at the same time as the reservation so that the foundation takes it into account. This can be done up to a maximum of 1 month before the starting date of the camps (after this date the school will not be able to apply for the grant).

Once all the documentation is received (in the same envelope for each school), the foundation will give its approval and the grant number assigned to each student, with the financial amount in a document. The foundation will send this supporting document via email to the professor in charge of the procedure.

When making the payment, it will be necessary for the school to deliver the supporting document printed on the day of arrival at La Granja, and the invoice will automatically subtract the subsidized amount.

If the school’s application exceeds 4% of the subsidized students, the foundation will select the students to be subsidized according to its criteria and will communicate it to the school.