the foundation

comprometidos con la educación

The “La Granja” foundation was created in 2010 to help schools, teachers and families in the difficult task of educating, considering our observation every day at La Granja, with over 18,000 boys and girls attending our facilities every year. The tools already provided by emotional education and the good results obtained with our students from 2004 to 2009, made one of the main objectives of the Foundation to focus on turning emotional education into a fundamental educational resource, in addition to facilitating and spreading the importance of the contact of children with nature; also, communicating to society about the real educational problems we encounter today.

 Carrying out this activity during the past 10 years we have confirmed that we chose the right path when we created the Foundation, and what moved us to want to change things, especially the world of education, now takes on more strength and credibility thanks to the results obtained, and leads us to visualizing new horizons and imagining more innovative goals.

Emotional Education continues to be the driving force that moves us, and boys and girls our true focus.

proyecto la granja

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