the bravery to be pixies

courage – fear – overcoming – awareness and emotional regulation

Specific emotional education activity, with the La Granja Method, to provide students with resources to face and overcome their fears by training their courage and autonomy.

infant and 1st cycle primary


Lily, the great queen of the Pixies, has left us a list of ingredients that we must find during the activities to overcome fears and get the little magic that will make us brave: The heart of love, The feather of empathy, The egg of imagination and the magic powder of confidence.

  • The story of Lily, queen of the Pixies, the brave elves who live in La Granja, who hides important secrets in her 5 pockets.
  • We train empathy and love with farm animals
  • Circuit of emotions to understand joy, fear, anger and sadness and train our courage
  • We discover our fears and transform them into small magic

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