post Covid training for teachers

Specific program for teachers/professors which focuses on unlocking and letting out the negative emotions experienced during lockdown: fear, sadness, rage, discouragement, lack of motivation, disappointment. Letting out all that is negative to leave space for refilling with excitement and the motivation to make sense of the scars left behind by the pandemic. This is of vital importance for professionals in education to be able to accompany their students in doing the same, stemming from empathy and the resources necessary to understand the process, since they will have had the same experience.

PRICE: 26,70€ (9.30am to 2pm). Lunch 9€/per person

Program for teachers: Refilling ourselves

Activities during one morning (open: july, august and september).

Embracing our scars with the aid of horses. Making a stop to embrace the scars on our soul, especially when they have not been expressed and can turn into personal secrets that will continue to be an unconscious cause of pain

Balancing Rage: Too many emotionally negative impacts produce a sense of unbalance and estrangement from our own emotions (emotional numbness). The intention is to express the negative emotions, understand why we have felt them and be able to regulate them in a way that is positive both for ourselves and for others. The objective will be to experience our own rage or anger and that of others, using the metaphore of balance.

The Purpose of Values:  To become aware of the principles and personal and team values that have been lost during the pandemic (new paradigms and beliefs). How to recover them? When we show and share the pains and scars instead of hiding them as secrets, they become more beautiful because the light we shine on them fills them with meaning. The trick is to honour and dignify them. And doing so for those who are no longer with us is the purpose.

The Forest of Good Vibrations. To awaken from emotional numbness to overcome the fear of feeling once again.


-This activity will be carried out with exceptional safety measures (groups of 10-12 people maximum).

-We have online courses for teachers (live in small groups) to prepare them for the management of specific emotions when the students return (fear, rage, sadness). As from May 10 th. More details in the form.


Post Covid-19 ONLINE training for teachers

– Post Lockdown Activities  for students from 3 to 16 years old

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