begin the school year in nature

Programs designed to effectively minimize the consequences of the emotional burden produced by the lack of socialization in children and teenagers from 3 to 17 years of age. With our usual rigour (the Método La Granja has been scientifically proven), 35 years of experience and exceptional safety sanitary measures, we offer the following programs to all educational centres, for one day visits or with bed and board lodging; our aim is to achieve an emotional “cleaning out” of all the negative and begin the school year with a sense of cohesion and prepared for learning.

Program: THE COURAGE OF THE PIXIES. 3 to 7 year olds

The objective is that children connect with nature, horses and other animals, whilst breathing fresh air, running free through our fields and, simultaneously, developing their social skills (empathy, trust, links to others), and practicing their courage to face the fears that have probably increased due to the pandemic. Our goal is to provide a resource or tool to manage fear, as a class or individually to every child. With the priceless help of the great Lily, queen of the Pixies, who can awaken Lady Courage with her magic key, we intend to empty out the children’s fears and discouragement to give way to the happiness of smiling again, together.

Program: THE STOREROOM OF POSITIVE EMOTIONS. 8 to 12 year olds

The objective is to empty out the negative emotions and experiences to give way in our inner storeroom to more positive emotions. But first we must understand what we have felt and be able to transform and integrate it as part of our personal history to continue the adventure of life and fill ourselves again, adding a new ability: becoming generators of positive states of mind.  Activities such as Bathing in the woods, Weaving new Relations and the Circuit of the Adventure of Life will help to fill up with positive emotions (joy, trust, self-assurance, mutual understanding) and recover the sense of cohesion with classmates.

Program: A CHAPTER IN OUR HISTORY. High School

By doing three powerful activities we intend to unblock, release tension and provide a space for free expression between equals, to deal with the strong emotional burden that teenagers have experienced. At the same time, the objective is to become aware of the power of emotions over our thoughts and behaviour, and provide the tools so they are the ones who manage what they feel, and not viceversa, becoming aware of the injuries suffered and maybe silenced for months. Team work is also promoted intentionally to improve group cohesion.
The metaphore of A chapter in our history serves to visualize the experience of the pandemic as an element of personal and social transformation to give meaning to our scars and motivate teenagers towards a new mission; making a better world.

And for teachers we also have the program  Refilling ourselves

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