free one day emotional ed activities for directors, mediators and teachers

experimenta la educación emocional
experimenta la educación emocional

september 23th: Vth free conference for directors, coordinators and teachers. SPECIAL coronavirus EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT

La Granja invites you to this free day of lecture/activities to provide resources for school directors and/or coordinators, to give them tools for managing the negative emotions produced by the pandemic; (fears, rage, anxiety and sadness). The key is to empty out these feelings, leaving space to fill again with positive emotions (excitement, hope, motivation, joy …). In order to teach our students we must first experience this process ourselves.

One day from 9.30am to (does not include lunch). Date yet to be determined whenever small group gatherings are allowed.

Emotional education is effective and produces changes in the behaviour and attitudes of students when it is put into practice; this is possible with the Método La Granja (with results that have been scientifically proven by the GROP (Educational Psychology Orientation Research Group) of the University of Barcelona).

Lecture and activities are free of charge. We offer 2 invitations per school or educational center. Number of participants is limited, so you should reserve as soon as possible.


Access is restricted, temperature (fever) control, safety distance, limited number of participants and daily disinfection of all areas.

Fill in the form below and we will let you know the date as soon as possible


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  • 09.30am Arrival of directors, coordinators and teachers at La Granja (Fuentidueña de Tajo. Madrid). Handing out accreditations and material.
  • 10.00am Introduction. The negative emotions produced by Covid19 (fear, rage, anxiety and sadness). What emotions are and how we can regulate them
  • 11am Practical Activity 1
  • 12.30pm Practical Activity 2
  • 2pm What do I take with me?
  • 2.15pm End of activities

results according to the participants

Mº Rosa “I reassert my conviction that emotional education is the driving force of change that my school needs”.

Merche “I’ve come to realize that my life has limitations produced by fear”

Luisa “I take with me the knowledge that my feelings are important, as are those of my students”.

Elisenda “I knew that emotional education was important. Now I realize it is vital”.

Gema “Trust, confirmation of the path. I return home knowing that I am no longer unaware of the path”

Ana “I take with me a world of possibilities! There is always an open door, ALWAYS”

Alba “Before teaching them we must first listen to the children, to know what they really need”