free one day emotional education lecture/activity for teachers and their family

experimenta la educación emocional en familia

saturday 9th and 30th november: free day emotional ed visit with family for school education professionals

For teachers, school directors and their families. If you are interested in how to integrate emotional education in school, La Granja invites you to witness the application of these resources first hand with your own children. Spend the day with us from 10am to 2pm and experience these activities with your family.

Emotional education is effective and produces changes in the behaviour and attitudes of students when it is approached  in a rogorous and practical way. We know this is possible and have organized these activities to show you and share our knowledge with the educational community, free of charge.

By doing adventure activities and with the use of horses, you will be able to observe and experience how emotional development can be promoted to become a complement to cognitive development, since we believe that both are essential elements to expanding the whole personality of every child.

Lecture/activity is free of charge (umber of participants is limited). We offer 2 invitations per school or educational center.

We recommend you bring water and breakfast for your children.

separador la granja

program of activities

  • 10.00am Arrival and welcoming participants to La Granja Ability Training Center en Fuentidueña de Tajo. Handing out accreditations and material.
  • 10.30am Organizing the children into different age groups (only those over 5, younger ones will remain with their parents)
  • 11.00am Presentation for teachers: How can we integrate emotional education in school? Our experience. // Activity for children: Farm animals and empathy
  • 12.00am Observing the children as they do the Guide or be Guided activity (trust and responsibility)
  • 1.00pm Activity for the whole family, to experience the Método La Granja.
  • 14,00h End of activities.

november 9th: sold out

november 30th: seats available

results according to the participants

Isabel “It’s been a gift to be able to break away from the usual routine and stop to take a look inside…”

Beatriz “We live with our emotions on a daily basis and often we don’t even acknowledge them. I take with me resources and tools to work on myself and with others”.

Covadonga “Today I ‘ve experienced the power of trust to overcome fears and achieve challenges”.

Mº Rosa “I reassert my conviction that emotional education is the driving force of change that my school needs”.

Merche “I’ve come to realize that my life has limitations produced by fear”

Luisa “I take with me the knowledge that my feelings are important, as are those of my students”.

Elisenda “I knew that emotional education was important. Now I realize it is vital”.

Gema “Trust, confirmation of the path. I return home knowing that I am no longer unaware of the path”

Ana “I take with me a world of possibilities! There is always an open door, ALWAYS”

Alba “Before teaching them we must first listen to the children, to know what they really need”

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