training for teachers: team cohesion

training team work and cohesion

PRICE: 28,50€/per person (AVT included).

Another school year begins and we start our usual routine. Have you thought of doing something different this year? For example, stepping out of your routine to dedicate one entire morning only to the teaching staff? How do you feel about going out into nature to take a deep breath and a break for just a while? We offer you a powerful day visit to improve your team relations, cohesion within the group and positive communication. Our Outdoor training causes great impact since direct live experience promotes changes in people’s attitude.

Schedule of activities: 10am to 2.15pm (Mission circuit + leadership with a horse + the path of life). Lunch: extra 9€/per person (AVT included. Homemade cooking).

For reservations call and we will help you or 615 67 62 80