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Online Course by Cristina Gutiérrez Lestón: 2 hours in the Escuela Bitácoras

During the course titled «Emotions in children» you will learn what emotions are, why we all feel them, what they are for and how we can turn them into our best allies instead of our worst enemies.

This course is addressed to parents, teachers, educators and other professionals who work with teams of people: it will help you to understand how others react, the meaning of team work, how to manage fear, and learn tips on how to communicate in a positive way with your children. We will do this by using practical examples and real situations experienced in La Granja. The main objective is to make it easy, inspiring and fun because educating should imply having a good time!

Online Course with Cristina Gutiérrez Lestón: 2.15 hrs in the Escuela Bitácoras

Teenagers are and will probably continue to be largely misunderstood. They usually feel insewcure and threatened, constantly alert, since they are experiencing the most important changes in their life: physical and mental changes, social changes and the search for who they are.

If we don’t find resources to understand them and focus our conversations to make them positive for all those involved, their challenging attitudes will become more intense, as will their insecurity and the unrest at home.

This course attempts to offer tools to channel the communication with our teenagers, as necessary as it is in previous stages of life.

“we learn best what excites us and implies the use of our senses.”