school camps

Create links, train autonomy, increase self-esteem, communicate positively...

What makes us different?

  • Our own homemade cuisine, prepared for food intolerances and allergies when necessary
  • Monitors trained in Emotional Education.
  • Free Emotional Ed training for teachers during their stay.
  • We work with the intention of training the students’ social skills (teamwork, empathy, positive communication, self-esteem, etc.); tell us what difficulties the group presents and we will train them during activities with Método La Granja©.
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Pequeños Granjerostable dottable dotGranja
Quiero ser Pixietable dottable dotEd. Emocional
La Tributable dottable dotEd. Emocional
La Llave de los 5 Reinostable dottable dottable dotEd. Emocional
La Aventura de los Piratastable dottable dotEd. Emocional
Grandes emprendedorestable dottable dotEd. Emocional
La Gran Aventuratable dottable dottable dotAventura
Somos una clase, somos un equipotable dottable dottable dotAventura

information and reservations:

Phone: 615 676 280 /


  • Infant ed and 1st cycle primary: minimum 12 pupils (groups 12 to 16 pupils)
  • 2nd – 3rd cycles primary and High school: minimum 15 pupils (groups 15 to 20 pupils)

If it rains…?

Don’t worry, we will take care of everything and provide an unforgettable experience taking advantage of the rain to carry out activities aimed at feeling closer to nature. We have plenty of indoor rooms and porches.

what should we bring?

Sleeping bag, pillowcase, flashlight, hiking or mountain shoes, toiletry bag, shower towel, comfortable clothing, sun hat/cap, sunblock (spring-summer), rain boots and raincoat (rain forecast), coat and fleece (autumn – winter).

what teachers say

the price includes:

  • Accommodation in rooms with bunk beds (bottom sheet and pillow provided).
  • Full bed and board (from the first day meal to the last day meal included).
  • Program of chosen activities (from the first day at 10am).
  • One free teacher for every 10 students (every 8 if they are small children).
  • Separate room for teachers.
  • Homemade food adapted to food allergies and intolerances.


:20% off for children of teachers who work at the school attending La Granja.

10% off for the 2nd sibling


We subsidize 100% of the students’ stay in case of few financial resources. Call us and we will inform you.

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