Tour del Talento 2022

The Talent Tour is an annual tour that starts this year 2022 with the aim of promoting a movement for the future of young people, thus generating a community of great opportunities that link, activate and enhance their talent.

During this Tour, with stops in different cities, contents and topics focused on different aspects are discussed. During this cycle of conferences, topics such as Career Guidance, Entrepreneurship, Mental Health and Wellbeing, SoftSkills, Personal Branding, Education and Sustainability are discussed.

With the support of the Princess of Girona Foundation and Trivus, and with stops in Malaga, Guadalajara and Logroño, Cristina Gutiérrez Lestón, Emotional Educator, CEO of La Granja and creator of the La Granja Method, is part of the lectures that take place during this series of talks.

Cristina Gutiérrez, who leaves these words, aims to create a movement that promotes awareness and prevention of mental health of our children and young people with the La Granja Method, a method based on rigorous studies and with results achieved through experiential experience:

“I am fascinated with my experience in #TourDelTalento de #Guadalajara, organized by @fpdgi and @wearetrivu .

I am fascinated by the looks full of illusion of these talented young people. I am fascinated by the link of deep gratitude they have created with the #FundacióPrincesaDeGirona, because it has changed the lives of many.

I am fascinated by the organization, the dynamics they carry out with the kids and the human team.

I was delighted to be able to share with everyone the importance of emotional management to walk through life. I talked about this at the round table with the wonderful aerospace engineer Anna Ruiz Ayala…, you are lovely Anna! And with Elia Burgos Fernández… a super crack woman!

And a special thanks to Sandra Camos Bataller, Alberto Enciso and the whole #FPDGI team!!!”