LA VANGUARDIA. The La Granja method: from outdoor recreation to emotional management training

Each activity at the farm school is designed to work on skills such as self-esteem, communication, leadership and courage.

“I take away that I can trust more people than I thought I could. I’ve been able to get all my anger out by debating.” “I’ve overcome my fear of zip lining by being brave, and I’ve trusted myself.” “The things that are done well also have to be said, not only what needs to be improved”. This is how Biel (2nd ESO student at Sant Pau Apostol school), Anna (7 years old, El Cim school), and Miguel (6th grade at CEIP Pau Boada) expressed themselves after spending three days at La Granja, a farm school at the foot of Montseny, in Santa Maria de Palautordera (Barcelona).

It is no coincidence that when summarizing their experience they focused on their emotions and not on the animals or the games they enjoyed. Because at La Granja all the activities and dynamics have a specific intention and a common objective: to train the emotional competencies of those who come there, whether they are schoolchildren, teachers, families, executives or doctors, who work with everyone.

All this because its director, Cristina Gutiérrez, is convinced that “emotional education is the best tool to prevent mental health problems” because “if you are not able to regulate what you feel, emotions take control of your life”.

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